These works are a hybrid of traditional and new media which include self-portraiture, interactive, and commentary.

These are new media works which include self-portraiture, interactive narratives and other explorations.

These are traditional media media works which include self-portraiture, commentary and abstract expression.


Digital Art: Triggers, 2003-2005

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Statment that accompanied installation

Triggers is based on the idea that memories are not chosen; rather, memories are triggered through different stimuli. This is a collection of triggers of my first memory. Although these are triggers for my own memory, they are designed to work as triggers for all viewers.

Suplimental statement of work

To push the theme of memory I chose to subvert the browser interface of Safari [03], Internet Explorer [03], FireFox [05], and Mozilla [05]. A browser let’s the user to go back, forward, home, bookmark and scrapbook items, and recall places visited. Our own memories, however, are not as straight forward. We do not have a push-button interface to recall something; instead memories are triggered.


Shown for one day only February, 12 2004: DU’s Media Arts Festival, Student & Faculty Works, at the Rock Island night club in Denver, Colorado.


If you use a browser that I haven't subverted here, send me a screen shot that includes back, forward, stop, refresh, home, bookmark, and search buttons as well as address bar.