These works are a hybrid of traditional and new media which include self-portraiture, interactive, and commentary.

These are new media works which include self-portraiture, interactive narratives and other explorations.

These are traditional media media works which include self-portraiture, commentary and abstract expression.


installation Art: the cheat, 2006


The cheat is an on-going-evolving-collaborative piece. At its root, this work is purely collaborative, bringing artists together to showcase their different works simultaneously. However, as the technology used to do the live re-mixing, each artist must relinquish control over how their work is displayed. The Cheat simply provides equal random treatment, its the leveler of a group, canceling out ego, intent and manifesto. The new gestalt is flux.


Shown Dec. 2006: at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts complex, a Neo Studio's, Potential Cloud Formations & American Relay and Friends collaboration.

          Shown Jul. 2006: First Friday Opening, A Neo Studio’s & Potential Cloud Formations Collaborative Exhibit, Neo Studio’s Denver, Colorado.