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Line 1: Anxious Restless Tick
line 2: Shared Perplexed Glance
line 3: Could Something Happen
BY Andrew Y Ames

line 1: ocean chicken
line 2: sex frog found the life blue note
line 3: beast of burden down

line 1: i can hardly feel my eyes

line 1: my bunny eats fish
line 2: every elephant smile
line 3: hi my name is grace

line 1: creative invite
line 2: artistic ability
line 3: animal instinct

line 1: you are tinted glass
line 2: sometimes i'm not sure if you're
line 3: really there at all

line 1: we met so strangely
line 2: i don't think that i know you
line 3: but i do like you

line 1: Plenty of silence
line 2: The night is still wet in tears
line 3: Run and shout again

line 1: generator nine
line 2: Give me a break already
line 3: Man I need some sex

line 1: Hey this is a test
line 2: purple monkey dishwasher
line 3: all works fine & good?

to be added

line 1: lingering grip on
line 2: plans blueprints pots and pans in
line 3: liverspotted hands
author: mike wall

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